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  Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania

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LDASEPA Regular meetings are at the Kennett Friends Meeting, Route 82 in Kennett Square, PA - 7:00 to 9:00 PM, the third Wednesday of the month. Each meeting normally begins with a speaker presentation  at 7:00 PM followed by Q&A and open discussion.  
Meetings are free and open to the public. Bring your questions for discussion.   
Address: 250 N. Union St. Kennett Square, PA 19348   

January 17, 2018

Program: Martin Mulders, MD, a well known Lyme literate physician will give a presentation entitled “Oxidative/Ozone Modalities for Lyme Disease” an emerging treatment for Lyme disease.  There will be time for questions after the presentation. Meeting flyer with more information =>

February 21, 2018

Program: Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt DVD showing and subsequent discussion with LDASEPA board members.  Dr. Breitschwerdt is an expert on Bartonella infections and has published scientific medical articles on the subject.  About Dr Breitschwerdt=>

March 21, 2018

Program:  Meeting cancelled because of snowstorm

April 18, 2018

Program: Doug Fearn, President of LDASEPA will give a general information presentation about Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections.  He will include some latest news on Lyme disease and provide ample time for questions.

May 16, 2018

Program: Lynne Andersson, Ph.D. Temple University professor will give a presentation entitled “The Lyme Wars: Victories, and Further Battles.”  She is an expert on the social forces affecting patients and doctors in the Lyme disease community. 
About Dr. Andersson=>

June 20, 2018


July 18, 2018


August 15, 2018


September 19, 2018

Program: Michael Briggs, PharmD, Compounding Pharmacist working with many Lyme disease patients wil lbe discussing new product developments in CBD oil and CoQ10. About Dr. Briggs=>


No Meeting


No Meeting

January 16, 2019

Subject not set yet.

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Special Presentations or Events by LDASEPA Board Members
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