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Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania         

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LDASEPA has been supporting the Lyme disease patient community for 15 years through monthly meetings with informative speakers, distributing over 350,000 Basics booklets, making  thousands of referrals to Lyme literate doctors and supporting research on chronic Lyme.
You can help us continue this work with a donation.

Donate through PayPal with your account or a credit card.



You may also support us by mailing a donation with this
Membership and Donation form ==>    

In Southeastern PA you can designate a contribution to the United Way
using our number: 46901

In Delaware you can designate a contribution to the United Way
using our number: 12385

The LDASEPA needs continued membership and funding to carry out its mission aimed at improving the lives of people suffering from Lyme and other tick-borne diseases and preventing new cases through education, support, public information, research and partnership with organizations with common goals. 

Why give to LDASEPA? We hold monthly support and information meetings with well known speakers.  We sometimes need to pay their travel and lodging expenses because the speakers donate their own time to come to us.  We print and distribute the “Basics” booklet at our expense.  Over the last ten years we have donated over 300,000 copies of the “Basics” to doctors, support groups and Lyme activists across the country and even foreign countries. We need your help to continue with this important work.  Please check out our accomplishments ==>


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