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Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania         

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Lyme Disease Organizations: (specific Lyme disease information)

ILADS - the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society - The professional medical society for people with Lyme disease. 

Lyme Info web site is a source for comprehensive and up-to-date information.

Lyme Disease Network   (National support group listing available here)

The national Lyme Disease Association (Doctor Referrals available here)

California Lyme Disease Association has renamed itself as
and Lyme Times published by is at
and is moderating a Yahoo Group for parents of children with Lyme disease.

Canada Lyme Disease Association: 

Columbia University Lyme Disease Research

Empire State Lyme Disease Association - especially useful for New York State Residents.  The site lists several support groups and their meetings schedules.

Other Informational sites:

Web site of Daniel Cameron, MD notional known for his work with ILADS and as a physician and researcher.  See

Web site of  David Younger, MD on neurological Lyme disease (new 2010) includes a support group and clinical trials in “The Neuroborreliosis Program” at

Web site of Virginia Sherr, MD   Includes especially informative articles and information from one of the top LLMDs in the country.

Dr. Alan McDonald and others have photographs of spirochetes in various forms at the following link.  Be sure to run your cursor over some of the pictures to see other forms.  Also .. there are links to click on for more information.  Excellent work. 

Canine tick diseases including Lyme:

The University of Rhode Island's Tick Research Lab  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
on Lyme:

The FDA:   Drug information:  Medline Plus  and  and

The Lyme disease Internet newsgroup is

Highly Respected Testing Labs: (Many Lyme Literate doctors send specimens for Lyme, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Bartonella and other critical tests to only these labs.)

 IGeneX, Inc., Palo Alto, California: (excellent explanations of tests)

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